Contact & Policies



You can contact me by e-mail (

Follow me on Instagram (ruffians_repaints).

Paypal or bank transfer only. I can give a discount on bank transfers.

I ship worldwide at buyers expense.
The expenses for shipping the models are always additional (unless otherwise stated) and will be calculated individual on the exact location.

Within EUTo USA
Estimated shipping for traditional models (insured for 500€)25€45€
Estimated shipping for smaller models (insured for 100€)16€30€

Model will be sent within 10 days after the (last) payment has been received.

All payments and deposits are non-refundable.

Deposits are 20% of the total price. The length of the time payments needs to be discussed before buying. But I can’t accept payments of less than 100€ a month.

Time payments are an additional 5€ to the final price.
Missing a payment for 15 days without any communication, will result in the order being cancelled without any refund.

Please note that communication is key and I’m way more flexible with good communication. I know life can happen.


Please note that I can’t offer any refunds if the model gets damaged or lost while shipping.

I will make sure to pack it as good as possible and I’ve never had anything arrive broken.
From the moment I deliver it to the post office, it’s no longer under my control.

All my horses are very well packed, but accidents may happen. If this should occur, contact me within 24 hours after receiving the package with proof that it was damaged during the transport.


No returns possible.


I can offer small repairs (rubs on ears, nose,..) free of charge but anything bigger, like a broken leg, needs to be judged from case to case.

Shipping (and taxes) is at your expense.

I explicitly allow my work to be restored by a proper restoration artist, as long as it doesn’t change my work.

Airbrush paint jobs are fragile by nature. Please handle with care. 


Any alterations have to be clearly declared, as it won’t represent my work anymore.


All moral rights reserved.

All copyrights reserved. I am not selling intellectual property of my art. You are not allowed to reproduce or represent any of my art pieces.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any other questions you may have (